Thursday, 27 May 2010

Photoshoot no.3

I think the positions of the model work well and layering the images also went well as they do seem do show an idea of 'specters', 'ghosts', and 'shadows'. However, there were a few problems along the way. When making a cutout of the body to exclude the background, a line appeared around the cutout which when layered looked even more prominent. Therefore for certain images I will not use the cutouts although the background will be layered as well as the figure. One of the main problems I have had with manipulating the images is that as I do not have Photoshop at home, I have been using two online programs ( and and these tend to not be as reliable or sufficient in terms of time management. It takes a while to upload photos and occasionally freeze which means what I am working on will have been lost and I would have to start again. So this is something to look into for any future projects - GET PHOTOSHOP!

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