Friday, 21 May 2010


I spent Thursday in the dark rooms at Camberwell creating photograms which was incredibly fun and I think they worked out really well! I placed translucent dresses on the paper so the images came out very haunting and ghostly. I also tried making photograms of the photos which I had printed onto tracing paper, and these also worked, although the images came out very faded and not very sharp, but these could add to the effect I am trying to produce. The main thing I need to decide is how to display these in the magazine because I had to use 6 sheets of paper on which to place the dresses, so the images are lifesize. The question is wheher to place these in as seperate sheets or shrink the whole image down to one sheet of paper. I think that the lifesize version is especially effective and do not want to shrink it down though. A series of these would be very eye-catching at the exhibition, however for the purposes of the magazine, I was thinking of putting them in as a fold-out poster or possibly as seperate sheets which could be used as pattern pieces, but this requires a little more thought...

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