Sunday, 18 April 2010


I visited the Gagosian Gallery for the 'Crash' exhibition which took its title from the famous novel by JG Ballard.

I have used the car not only as a sexual image, but as a total metaphor for man's life in today's society.
--JG Ballard

Before I visited the gallery i knew that the exhibition was not entirely relevant to my concept, however I found a few pieces which could really inspire my project. As the title of the exhibition suggests, a lot of the art in the gallery had links to destruction and decay as this is what inspired Ballard to write Bangwallop. I was interested to find a few fashion photographs by Helmut Newton which were all done in black and white, using deep shadows, similar to the kind of photography I am looking at for my project. Another piece which caught my eye was Francis Bacon's Still Life, Broken Statue and Shadow, 1984 shown above. It's as though the shadow is the ghost of the broken statue.

Pictures found here.

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